Spare parts suitable for Perkins for machinery from public works to mining. 

Perkins power solutions are designed to improve your performance and productivity. We have poured our passion, innovation and engineering excellence into manufacturing more than 21 million engines – 5 million of which are are still powering the world, and our customers, today.

Immediate Delivery and technical service where it is needed spare parts suitable for Perkins.

One of our main objectives is to remain the best alternative in the market of spare parts suitable for perkins for public works and mining. Our main warehouse has a surface area that allows us to hold a stock of more than ninety thousand references and, in addition, uses a sophisticated storage system that maintains a real-time inventory of parts. We are constantly working to expand the number of references available in stock for immediate shipment, thus expanding our service capacity.

Perkins Power Solutions in UAE

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What are Perkins engines used for?

Perkins engines, a cornerstone of ABI Middle East’s power solutions in the UAE, serve diverse industrial applications with reliability and performance. From construction and agriculture to telecommunications and power generation, Perkins engines power machinery and equipment with efficiency and durability. ABI Middle East specializes in offering Perkins Power Solutions in the UAE, providing tailored engine solutions that meet the region’s unique demands. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, ABI ensures that Perkins engines deliver optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability across various sectors, reinforcing their position as a trusted provider of power solutions in the UAE market.

What is the range of the Perkins generator?

ABI Middle East offers a comprehensive range of Perkins generators, catering to diverse power needs across the UAE. From compact models suitable for residential backup power to robust units designed for industrial applications, ABI provides Perkins Power Solutions tailored to every requirement. With a wide range of power outputs, from small kW ratings to large-scale solutions, Perkins generators ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. ABI Middle East’s commitment to quality ensures that each Perkins generator delivers superior performance, fuel efficiency, and durability, making them the preferred choice for powering critical operations in the dynamic UAE environment.

Do JCB use Perkins engines?

ABI Middle East, renowned for Perkins Power Solutions in the UAE, collaborates with JCB, a leading construction equipment manufacturer, leveraging Perkins engines in their machinery. JCB’s partnership with Perkins underscores their commitment to quality and performance. Perkins engines, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, power JCB’s range of construction equipment, including excavators, loaders, and generators, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments. ABI Middle East ensures seamless integration of Perkins engines into JCB machinery, delivering robust solutions tailored to the UAE market’s needs. With ABI’s expertise and Perkins’ proven track record, JCB equipment equipped with Perkins engines stands as a testament to excellence in construction and power solutions in the UAE.

Are Perkins engines good?

ABI Middle East proudly champions Perkins Power Solutions in the UAE, highlighting the excellence and reliability of Perkins engines. Renowned globally for their superior quality and performance, Perkins engines stand as a testament to engineering excellence. With a legacy spanning decades, Perkins engines have consistently demonstrated unmatched durability, efficiency, and power across diverse applications. ABI Middle East’s commitment to excellence ensures that Perkins engines integrated into power solutions meet and exceed the rigorous standards of the UAE market. Customers trust ABI Middle East for Perkins engines’ proven track record, making them the preferred choice for reliable and efficient power generation across various industries in the UAE.

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