Volvo Spare Parts & Accessories UAE

Spare parts suitable for volvo applications for machinery of public works and mining

Immediate availability with a large warehouse. More than 90,000 references in stock ready to ship.

In ABI international we supply all kinds of Replacement parts suitable for volvo application for public works machinery. All the replacement parts that we make available to our customers have immediate availability; we have a large warehouse with over ninety thousand references in stock ready to ship to the customer.

The most varied and extensive certified selections of optimum quality components, parts, accessories and maintenance products are available to our customers.

The storage system we use allows us to maintain a real-time inventory of parts in stock, enabling us to satisfy the most demanding needs.

Volvo Spare Parts & Accessories UAE
Volvo Spare Parts & Accessories UAE
Volvo Spare Parts & Accessories UAE
Volvo Spare Parts & Accessories UAE


What is Volvo most famous for?

Volvo is renowned worldwide for its commitment to safety, innovation, and reliability in the automotive industry. However, in the UAE, ABI Middle East has positioned Volvo Spare Parts and Accessories as its focal point. Offering an extensive range of genuine Volvo components and accessories, ABI Middle East ensures that Volvo owners have access to premium-quality products that maintain the performance and integrity of their vehicles. With a reputation for excellence in customer service and product quality, ABI Middle East has become the go-to destination for Volvo enthusiasts seeking authentic spare parts and accessories in the UAE.

What is the main product of Volvo?

ABI Middle East specializes in providing high-quality Volvo spare parts and accessories in the UAE. As the leading distributor, our main product encompasses a comprehensive range of genuine Volvo spare parts and accessories tailored to meet the diverse needs of Volvo vehicle owners. From critical components to intricate accessories, we ensure reliability, durability, and compatibility with Volvo models. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ABI Middle East delivers exceptional value, enabling Volvo enthusiasts and professionals to maintain, repair, and enhance their vehicles with confidence and precision in the dynamic automotive landscape of the UAE.

Are Volvo parts more expensive?

When it comes to Volvo spare parts and accessories in the UAE, ABI Middle East offers competitive pricing without compromising quality. While Volvo parts may carry a perception of being more expensive, ABI Middle East ensures affordability and value for money. Through strategic partnerships and efficient sourcing, we deliver genuine Volvo parts at competitive prices, making them accessible to Volvo owners across the UAE. Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality sets us apart in the market, empowering Volvo enthusiasts to maintain and enhance their vehicles without breaking the bank.

What metal is used in Volvo?

ABI Middle East offers a comprehensive selection of Volvo spare parts and accessories in the UAE, crafted from premium materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. Volvo employs a variety of metals in its vehicles, including high-strength steel, aluminum, and advanced alloys. These metals are meticulously chosen for their strength, lightweight properties, and corrosion resistance, contributing to Volvo’s renowned safety and longevity. As a trusted distributor, ABI Middle East ensures that all Volvo spare parts and accessories meet stringent quality standards, providing peace of mind to Volvo owners in the UAE seeking reliable components for their vehicles.

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